.Fashion and Modeling
If you're a model looking for some new material to add to your portfolio we offer both creativity in style and technique that will make your look stand out.

If you're a designer looking for a unique way to market your latest clothing or accessory line we would love to chat, hear about your product vision, where you want to take it and then collaborate on a style that would fit.

If you simply want a portrait of yourself or some shots of you and your best friends, we offer you the same options as professional models. We get that you may not BE a model but that doesn't mean that your shots can't look like you are. We'll guide you through looks, poses and locations that would bring out the diva/rock star we know you have hiding in you.

Our fashion shoots are custom tailored to fit the person that you are, your style and what you want to convey. Though a personalized pre-shoot meeting between you and the photographer, we'll be able to find that perfect fit between you and the shot. The photographer will take you step by step to ensure that your set-up and ready come shoot day. By then, you'll be comfortable with us and we'll know how best to capture the attitude you want.

Head over to our message center to message us for a quote or for any and all questions you may have. You can also email us anytime.